Roissy dating market value test

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Roissy dating market value test

He employed no hidden agenda, no sales-man bullshit, just the stonehard facts. As it turned out Heartiste’s wisdoms were such a breeze of fresh air for so many men that Heartiste, like many in the manosphere, realised something malicious was going on, and through the wonders of the internet stumbled upon the New World Order plot to castrate all high-testosterone men.

Second, it can be a very useful tool for both social and sexual dominance. The first insists that smarts, like any other positive attribute, can only raise a man’s dating market value because women are hypergamous and appreciate a smarter man than themselves.The other school says that women are put off by men who are too much smarter than themselves, and that experience shows women fall for lunkhead jerks all the time, perhaps because these types of men are less introspective and more unthinkingly assertive about hitting on women.First, it is a huge DHV when dealing with women who place value on intelligence.These tend to be educated women in the 1 SD category; it's easy to spot them because they will mention a) their academic credentials, or b) how smart they are, within the first five minutes of meeting someone new.

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I fondly remember this one time I was reading Heartiste, my girl resting her head on my shoulder.

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