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But a problem with your i Pad doesn't have to mean a trip to the nearest Apple store or a phone call to tech support.In fact, most i Pad problems can be solved by following a few basic troubleshooting tips.You can close an app by pressing the home button twice in a row.This will bring up a list of the most recently opened apps at the bottom of the screen. i can not connect to itunes because there is a passcode on my phoneactivator ios 4.1 problemsiphone 4: 4.01 to 4.1 error 3194unable to connect iphone restorehow to stop itunes errorsyoutube sn0wbreeze 4.1 fixproblems for open youtube on iphone jailbreak 4.01fix youtube in pwnagerestore 17 fixhow to fix youtube on iphone 3g ios 4.1youtube fix 4.02 iphone alarm os4 problemiphone youtube can't connect youtube fix 2youtube on iphone 4 not workingipod touch cannot connect to youtube after 4.1 updatehow to fix youtube on jailbroken iphone 3g ios 4.04.1 jailbreak error connect youtube PUSH & YOUTUBE FIX ios 4.1youtube iphone fix 4.1iphone 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fix youtube on iphone 4.0how to fix ipod touch 2g restore error 3194ios4 error 28itunes error 3194 jailbreakhow to fix error 13 in itunesyoutube iphone ios4 not workigfix youtube iphone 4.0upgrade to os 4.0 3194 error fixiphone fix error 3194youtube not working on 4.0 jailbreak"yourtube" ios4youtube and gps fix ios4ios 4.0 youtube inopiphone 4.0 restore error 14could not restored error 17youtube App problem in i OS4how to Fix i Phone Restore Error Code 3194iphone 4.0 jailbreak youtube enable to conect?Did you know the i Pad keeps apps running even after you close them?This allows apps like the Music app to continue playing music from the selected playlist even after you launch another app.

Most importantly, you’ll regain access to the app without having to connect to a computer. Back and Restore While the above options should fix your issue, I’m offering a third option should you still experience problems.Unfortunately, this can actually lead to some problems.If you are having problems with a specific app, the first thing you should do is close the app completely and relaunch it. i Tunes on the other hand seems to get more features and cross platform updates every day (witness MTV-J Adam Curry's brain child... Just shows you where Apple is getting it's money from and where the R&D is going. Thanks Grim It is interesting how such a universally used utility like QT is starting to show its age by getting less compatible and more buggy (or so it seems) as time goes by.

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I went to the FAQ trouble shooting page and found these instructions... I also am using Firefox more and more just because I like the slightly quicker performance.